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To Engage, Empower, Elevate And Elect Republican Women In Congress

“We need to have that for women and we need to ensure that our leadership is putting their money where their mouth is . . . we need to ensure that they are investing in those women early.”

Elise Stefanik, The Hill

“We need more GOP women, period.”

Rebecca Schieber, Op-Ed in the Washington Examiner

“Stefanik isn’t the Republican we deserve, but she’s the Republican we need.”

A.B. Stoddard, Op-Ed in The Bulwark

“I think it’s really important as a woman who faced a very competitive primary in 2014, we need to support those women earlier and learn the lessons of how effective the other side was in getting women through these competitive primaries.”

Elise Stefanik, Roll Call

“We are pleased, as always, to support the mission of electing more #GOPWomen and continuing to work with @EliseStefanik to increase our numbers in 2020!”

VIEW PAC, Twitter

“I’m excited to speak on a panel next week at the official launch event of E-PAC. This work is important, and I’m proud to support my friend @EliseStefanik’s efforts to bring more GOP women to Congress!”

Rep. Steve Scalise, Twitter

“We need more GOP leaders like @EliseStefanik.”

Roger Zakheim, Twitter

“We need more GOP women in Congress. We need more Elise Stefanik’s in Congress.”

Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, Twitter

“It’s engaging not just Republican women, but Republicans who want to win and know that women are the majority voters in this country, and we need to do well among that segment of our population.”

Elise Stefanik, Sun Community News

“Actually, the GOP Needs More Elise Stefaniks”

A.B. Stoddard, The Bulwark

“Elise Stefanik is taking a stake in a party that needs new ownership and that’s a great thing,” said William F. B. O’Reilly, a longtime Republican operative in New York. “It needs people who don’t ask permission. It needs people who are willing to be bulls in the china shop.”

Reported by Tyler Pager, The New York Times

“To say what Elise is doing is a mistake? We need to applaud her. She’s filling a void.”

Former Rep. Diane Black, Politico

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“I am going to keep pointing out to my colleagues that we are at a crisis level for GOP women. This election should be a wake-up call to Republicans that we need to do better . . . We need to be elevating women’s voices.” – Elise Stefanik