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    Through E-PAC, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) has led the national effort to increase the number of Republican women elected to Congress ushering in the historic “Year of the Republican Woman.” The growing number of Republican women in Congress will be the majority makers in 2022.

    As the first woman to serve as the Recruitment Chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Congresswoman Stefanik successfully recruited more than 100 women – a record number – to run for Congress in 2018. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik proudly represents New York’s 21st District in the House of Representatives and serves as the House Republican Conference Chair.

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    NATIONAL JOURNAL: Elise Stefanik Outlines The Evolution Of E-PAC

    June 06, 2024


    JUST THE NEWS: Elise Stefanik’s E-PAC announces ‘Rising Star’ endorsements of GOP women

    May 15, 2024


    CNN: Why there are more Republican women in Congress than ever before

    January 16, 2023


    “We’re going to have more women in the Republican Congress than in the history of Congress before, and it’s just only the beginning. We’re just getting started.”

    – Kevin McCarthy – Fox News

    “She’s definitely the reason why we have a record number of Republican women in our conference today…I wouldn’t have been able to build the campaign I needed to in order to win without early support from E-PAC, and her [Elise’s] mentorship and her support along the way.”

    – Ashley Hinson – Politico

    “In total, the 2020 cycle saw the number of House GOP women grow from 13 to 31, with every new arrival backed by E-PAC.”

    – Politico

    “We need to have that for women and we need to ensure that our leadership is putting their money where their mouth is…we need to ensure that they are investing in those women early.”

    – Elise Stefanik – The Hill

    “Of the 14 Republican wins over the Democrats on election night, 11 of them were women. That grew the number of Republican women in the House to 31, the highest it’s ever been.”

    – Breitbart

    “More Republican Women Plan Runs for House, Building on Party’s 2020 Wins.”

    – Wall Street Journal

    “GOP women were some of the stars of Election Night 2020, accounting for 11 of the 14 Republican victories over Democratic incumbents. The number of Republican women in the House grew to a record 31 this year, more than double the 13 in the prior Congress.”

    – Wall Street Journal

    “Elise has been the leading voice in working to get more Republican women elected to Congress.”

    – Claudia Tenney – WKTV News

    “After Republicans experienced their own “Year of the Woman” in 2020, a record-breaking number of female candidates have been inspired — and in some cases, directly recruited — to run for office”

    – CNN

    “The Year of the Republican women. More Republican women were elected to Congress than ever before. That’s a great achievement.”

    – President Donald J. Trump – Fox News

    “Our E-PAC endorsed candidates are some of the strongest Republican candidates in the nation’s most competitive races, and I’m proud to be leading the charge to get more women in office and take back the House for the Republicans.”

    – Elise Stefanik

    “Love seeing so many strong conservative women running for office! Great working being done by Winning for Women, E-PAC, and the NRCC to help elect more GOP Women!”

    – Ronna McDaniel