“I wasn’t asking for permission.” – Elise Stefanik
“It’s quite stark and quite obvious as you look around the GOP conference that it’s not reflective of the American public,” Stefanik told us of the party’s problem with women. “It was particularly stark when they lined up all of the newly elected members.” The numbers mirror the image — only 13 GOP women will be serving in the next Congress, down from 23. “We need to do better.”

Launched by Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) after the 2018 midterm elections, E-PAC’s mission is to increase the number of Republican women serving in Congress by supporting top Republican female candidates in primaries.

As the first woman to serve as the Recruitment Chair for the National Republican Congressional Committee, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik successfully recruited more than 100 women – a record number – to run for Congress.

Unfortunately, many of these candidates struggled to win their primaries. And only one new Republican woman was elected to Congress in the incoming freshman class. In the current 116th Congress, only 13 Republican women serve in the House of Representatives. Republican women currently make up only 2.9% in Congress.

This is a crisis and we must do better to ensure we are more reflective of the American people.

E-PAC will work to recruit, develop, support, and mentor a slate of top tier women Republican candidates who have demonstrated electability and potential for candidate development and growth.

ENGAGE: This means pre-primary candidate engagement to ensure we have the strongest candidates heading into general elections.

EMPOWER: As women raise their hands and bravely step into the arena, we must empower these candidates by helping to develop a campaign strategy and the financial support to win.

ELEVATE: As candidates meet rigorous benchmarks, E-PAC hopes to elevate these women’s personal stories and candidacies to ensure that they are recognized in the media and by a national donor network.