Monique DeSpain (OR-04)

As an Air Force Veteran, attorney, and advocate for government transparency and reform, Monique has a consistent record of service and integrity. Her service to her local community has been shaped by experiences outside of politics, pursuing a career as a military lawyer in the Air Force, as corporate general counsel in the private sector, and as an advocate for businesses and crime victims – all while raising her twin boys as a single mom in Eugene, Oregon.

Monique served our nation for 30 years in the United States Air Force, the Air Force Reserve, and the Oregon Air National Guard, retiring with the rank of Colonel. For 20 of those years, she served as a lawyer with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps in various locations and deployments, including Singapore, Bosnia, Kosovo, Cypress, Italy, the Pentagon, and Oregon, developing policy, handling investigations, managing litigation, and advising senior commanders on military justice and ethics. Monique is a problem solver and brings people together to deliver positive outcomes. Concurrent with her military service, Monique worked as a legal consultant for a full spectrum of business and family matters including policy development, Veterans’ affairs, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution. She volunteered for ten years as a Board Member, President, and Mediator with the Center for Dialogue & Resolution in Eugene, Oregon.

Following her retirement from the military in 2019, Monique joined the Kevin Mannix Law Firm and pursued legal causes fighting for the rights of crime victims, business owners, and other Oregonians. In 2022, she joined the non-profit Common Sense for Oregon, where she worked to formulate policies that would better serve Oregonians and improve public policies to address rampant homelessness, addiction, and crime in Oregon communities.


House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik stated:

“I am proud to endorse Monique DeSpain for Congress. Monique is a fighter and will be a staunch advocate for Oregon’s 4th Congressional District and our nation in Congress. As a retired Air Force Colonel, single mother, and attorney, Monique understands how to get things done and doesn’t shy away from a challenge. Monique will fight to secure our border, combat the homeless crisis in Oregon, support law enforcement to reduce crime, and fight to get our economy back on track. I am excited to endorse Monique for Congress and look forward to the work she will do for OR-04 in Congress.”