Susan Wright (TX – 06)

A dedicated public servant, Susan Wright is ready to serve the 6th Congressional District of Texas. Susan is the widow of the late Honorable Ron Wright. A lifelong Republican, she is proud to have stood alongside Ron as he served the constituents of the 6th district and is running to preserve her husband’s commitment to bring conservative values to Washington.

Susan understands the shared conservative beliefs of the 6th district. Basic freedoms like the right to bear arms, the right to worship, and the right to raise a family are under attack across Texas. Fighting for these freedoms in the community where Susan and Ron made their home is nothing new to Susan.

Susan made the decision to dedicate her life to public service through serving her neighbors in Tarrant County. Susan served as District Director for Rep. Bill Zedler (TX-HD-96) and his successor Rep. David Cook (TX-HD-96). As District Director, Susan has led both State Representatives constituent service efforts, connecting citizens to their government, and to the core services all Texans need.

Through her work, Susan has teamed up with concerned taxpayers, homeowners, and citizen advocates on priorities like strengthening education, cutting property taxes, securing our border, and improving public services. Susan believes tax reform is essential to save hard-working Texans money and keep big government out of families pockets. She will continue her husband’s legacy by supporting in-state jobs and economic growth, increased border and immigration security, and a strong national defense.