Elise Stefanik and E-PAC Candidates Highlight Record GOP Women Momentum

At Press Conference With 10 Newly Endorsed Candidates, Stefanik Highlights How GOP Women Are Leading The Charge To Take Back The House

Washington, D.C. — Today, Republican House Conference Chair and E-PAC founder Elise Stefanik hosted all ten of E-PAC’s second slate of endorsed candidates to highlight record GOP women momentum on the road to take back the House Majority. This included a focus on the Hispanic GOP women who are leading the charge to increase GOP support among Hispanic voters. 

The press conference, which was live streamed and can be watched here, followed E-PAC’s fundraiser this morning, which raised over $150,000 directly for E-PAC’s endorsed candidates. Since its founding, E-PAC has raised and donated over $3.2 million for GOP women candidates. 
At the press conference, Chair Stefanik stated:

“One of the banner stories of the 2020 election was the ‘Year of the Republican woman’. And E-PAC was a huge part of that; increasing our numbers and defying expectations, including from the media… At this point last cycle we had made history with the highest number of Republican women EVER running for office. And we have already blown by that record. Currently there are over 280 Republican women who have filed to run for Congress… We believe that we’ll make 2022 the highest year ever for the number of Republican women that will serve in the next Congress.” 

Following Congresswoman Stefanik’s remarks, all ten Republican women spoke about why they’re running and the importance of taking back the House

Tanya Contreras Wheeless (AZ-04) 
“I will push back against the terrible economic policies that have led to this inflation, which for my constituents in the East Valley, is the highest in the country as reported by the Wall Street Journal, and here’s the thing, those families might be paying the price for inflation now, but come November, it’s the Democrats that are going to pay at the ballot box.”

Anna Paulina Luna (FL-13) 
“I can tell you that there’s a huge human issue with human trafficking at the U.S- Mexico border which is exactly why I decided to get political. I believe that this current administration has been virtually irresponsible with their open border activism that has resulted in many women and children being trafficked along the U.S -Mexico border. I am Pro-Life, Pro-God, Pro-Gun, and Anti-Socialist…And I will tell you this, in 2022 when we take back the House the identity politics that the Democrats are using against the Hispanic-American demographic will stop.”

Erin Houchin (IN-09) 
‘When I get to Washington I am ready to fight back against this Administration. I’ll fight back against rising inflation which is crushing family budgets. I’ll fight back to secure the border, and stop the flow of illegal drugs into the country. And I will fight for our energy independence. I’m looking forward to this race… we will prevail.”

Annie Black (NV-04) 
“I am Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, I’m a mom, a small business owner…Steven Horsford is ready to be taken out and I’m the lady to do it.”

Liz Joy (NY-20) 
“NY-20 is a flippable, winnable district, and I am excited to be the candidate there. I have to tell you that I am running against a man who, combined with Joe Biden, has been in office for 89 years. Unlike myself, I am not a career politician.” 

Madison Gesiotto Gilbert (OH-13) 
“What Elise and E-PAC have been able to do in being able to advocate for solid female conservative candidates across the country has been incredible. I am very proud to have the endorsement not only of E-PAC but of Elise and President Trump and are very excited about Ohio 13.”

Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR-05) 
“What we mentioned was the empowerment piece, that’s what stands out to me amongst these ladies today, what we were missing in the GOP was the empowering of women to come to Washington D.C. and do what we have always done. We’ve been engaged in our communities and we’ve elevated because when we know a mission and we can remove the barriers we rise to the top.”

Morgan Ortagus (TN-05) 
“I want everybody in the media to take a look at the women behind me and all of us. We will be in the Capital for the State of the Union next year. This is going to be a pink wave, a pink wave of Republican women around this country that are going to fire Nancy Pelosi, that are going to take the House back. And I’m excited and thrilled to be a part of it.”

Cassy Garcia (TX-28) 
“The Rio Grande valley is the epicenter of the Biden border crisis, and the Biden Administration does not have a plan. No solution and no strategy to secure our southern border. The national border patrol council has endorsed me in this race… They know me, they know my track record, and they know I will always have the backs of the men and women in green.”

Mayra Flores (TX-34)
“I feel that the American dream is being jeopardized by dangerous policies from the left.I will fight so our children also achieve the American dream like I have. The Democrat party has felt entitled to our vote. When I get elected I will be the first Mexican-American in Congress, sending a strong message to the Democrat party, but also inspiring the thousands of children working currently today in the cotton fields, in the onion fields, in the strawberry fields, that anything is possible in America.”

Cycle-to-date, E-PAC has already raised and donated more than $600,000 directly to GOP women running for Congress, including through WinRed.

In 2019, only 13 Republican women served in the House of Representatives, making up only 2.9% of Congress. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik founded E-PAC to recruit, engage, empower, elevate, and elect more GOP women to office.

In 2020, E-PAC helped more than double the number of GOP women in Congress in what President Trump called 2020, “The Year of the Republican Woman.” 11 out of the 15 seats that flipped red were won by E-PAC endorsed Republican women.