FOX NEWS: Elise Stefanik on Mayra Flores’s Historic Victory “It’s a wake-up call for Democrats”

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, GOP House Conference Chair Congresswoman Elise Stefanik joined Sandra Smith on Fox News to discuss E-PAC’s early and critical support for Mayra Flores, who won a historic Special Election in TX-34 last night.

Fox News‘ Sandra Smith on E-PAC’s support for Mayra Flores

“…I want to get now to this big win, the first Mexican-born woman to serve as a Republican in Congress, Mayra Flores. I know your PAC endorsed her, you are among the first members of Congress to endorse her. I looked back, this was you months ago, April I believe, “There’s no better candidate you said than Mayra Flores to help deliver the first devastating blow to the Biden-Pelosi agenda and kick off the Red Tsunami that will sweep cross southern Texas.” Well, that was seen last night. What was your reaction to her win, Congresswoman?”

Congresswoman Stefanik on Congresswoman-elect Mayra Flores:

She [Mayra] earned this, she outworked her opponents and most importantly she had a message that resonated with Texas voters in that district. They are tired of the failing Democrat status quo voters do not want to be taken for granted….. and Mayra made history, not only as the first elected official in Congress to be born in Mexico and legally immigrate to the United States, but she’s the first Hispanic Republican woman ever elected in the state of Texas and also it’s the first Republican to win that district in 100 years. 

So It’s a wake-up call for Democrats that voters are not buying what they are selling, and Mayra ran on her personal story but on her commitment to always standing up for her constituents and being a strong voice for the United States of America. But she earned this, Mayra, I was proud to endorse her, but no one else earned this other than Mayra Flores.”

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