FOX NEWS: Republican Jen Kiggans unseats Democrat Elaine Luria in Virginia congressional race

Democrat Rep. Elaine Luria has represented Virginia’s Second Congressional District since 2018

Brandon Gillespie,  Aubrie Spady,  Alexandra Orbuch

November 9, 2022

The Associated Press projects that Republican state Senator Jen Kiggans has unseated Democrat incumbent Rep. Elaine Luria, flipping Virginia’s 2nd Congressional District red in one of the most competitive House races of the 2022 midterm elections.

The Virginia race for months has been considered a “toss-up” competition between the two Navy veterans.

Just two weeks before Election Day, a Wason Center poll turned up the heat in the already competitive race, revealing that the two candidates were evenly tied, 45% to 45% in voter support.

Luria, a retired Navy commander, initially won the seat in 2018 and flipped the seat blue in a big win that cycle for the Democratic Party. The Democrat is also a member of the Jan. 6 committee that was formed to investigate the January 2021 Capitol riot.

Kiggans, former Navy helicopter pilot, served as a state Senator in Virginia since 2020, representing parts of Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

Tension brewed between the two candidates throughout the election cycle, including when the GOP nominee called on Luria to sell her stock in a semiconductor company after voting to pass the CHIPS Act through the House.

Luria and Kiggans both participated in Fox News Digital’s “Election Spotlight” series in the summer and explained why they would be the best choice for the House seat.

“As a 20-year Navy veteran and former small business owner who puts the people of Coastal Virginia over politics, I have fought to expand health care services and benefits for veterans, secure billions for the defense budget, invest in local infrastructure and support small businesses and working families,” Luria told Fox News Digital. “I will continue to work across the aisle in a bipartisan fashion to be an independent voice that puts people over politics and delivers for Coastal Virginia.”

Kiggans also contributed, telling Fox News Digital that a vote for her Democrat opponent is a vote for President Biden. “The upcoming midterms are our best opportunity to end the liberal one-party rule that is currently hurting everyday Americans. Joe Biden’s policies are on the ballot this November and in Virginia’s Second District, they go by the name of Elaine Luria.”

“Virginians have a clear choice in this election, continue Joe Biden’s disastrous policies or send clear commonsense conservative leadership to Washington. We must elect leaders who will prioritize restoring American strength in our economy, at our borders, and on the world stage. I look forward to doing just that,” Kiggans said.