ICYMI on Newsmax: On Exclusive Panel, Chair Stefanik and E-PAC endorsed GOP women discuss taking back the House

Washington, D.C. – Last night on Newsmax’s Sean Spicer & Co. GOP House Conference Chair Elise Stefanik joined Sean Spicer and Lyndsay Keith for an exclusive interview and panel discussion with all eight of E-PAC’s first round of 2022 endorsed candidates. Stefanik and the candidates discussed top issues on the campaign trail and the record GOP women momentum in the effort to take back the House next November.

Click the photos to watch Parts 1 and 2 of the Exclusive Newsmax panel with Chair Stefanik and E-PAC endorsed candidates

Chair Stefanik highlighted the success of E-PAC, her PAC to recruit and elect more GOP women to Congress: 
“2020 was known as the year of Republican women because we led the efforts to flip a number of  seats and we are going to lead the effort to fire Pelosi once and for all. I’m not just endorsing these candidates because they’re women,  I’m endorsing these candidates because they’re the strongest conservative candidates to win both the primary and general elections,” said Stefanik.

“…What does E-PAC offer—in addition to financial support, we bundle using our digital efforts and our strong email list that I have built over many years. To date Sean, I have raised over $3 million that’s gone directly to the candidates…”

E-PAC endorsed candidates discussed their campaigns and how education and the border will be winning issues for Republicans in 2022:

“We saw with Glenn Youngkin’s victory earlier this month that even the Northern Virginia liberals are fed up with the woke education that the left is pushing, they are fed up with soft on crime nonsense, they are fed up with the money grab of higher taxes.”  –  Jeanine Lawson (VA-10)

“I’ve always said when you want something done right you got to go do it yourself. I’m a strong woman. I went back to law school at 36 years old with 3 young children…you want something done, you want it done right, you do it yourself, and that’s why I’m running for Congress.” – April Becker (NV-03)

“We’re going to stand with our law enforcement officers and our border patrol agents. Look, I am the only candidate who has been endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council twice. I’m the border girl and I’m going to stand up for law and order.” – Monica De La Cruz (TX-15)

“I’m the daughter of Christian missionary parents. My parents taught me service—being part of something bigger than myself. That’s what 2022 is all about, being part of something bigger. Helping save our country.” – Esther Joy King (IL-17)

“In my district, which is a very suburban district, people are largely driven by economic issues…When there’s a pinch at the gas pump and people are paying more at the grocery store it is a real problem for our voters.” – Amanda Adkins (KS-03)