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THE WASHINGTON FREE BEACON: Stefanik Says GOP Women Will Topple Democrats

By Alex Nester Rep. Elise Stefanik (R., N.Y.) says that female Republican congressional candidates have Democrats “running for the hills.” “I didn’t hear a lot of Democrats moving up to run for office in these target districts,” Stefanik said at a Monday press conference. “I think most of them are playing defense.” Stefanik appeared alongside…

Elise Stefanik and E-PAC Candidates Highlight Record GOP Women Momentum

At Press Conference With 10 Newly Endorsed Candidates, Stefanik Highlights How GOP Women Are Leading The Charge To Take Back The House Washington, D.C. — Today, Republican House Conference Chair and E-PAC founder Elise Stefanik hosted all ten of E-PAC’s second slate of endorsed candidates to highlight record GOP women momentum on the road to take…

FOX NEWS: Stefanik says becoming a mother made her ‘more effective leader,’ says moms in Congress ‘on a mission’

By Brooke Singman House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik discusses the Republican Party platform ahead of midterm elections. House Republican Caucus Chair Elise Stefanik said becoming a mother has made her “a more effective leader” and told Fox News she and other mothers in Congress are “moms on a mission” to strengthen the country for the next generation….

THE WASHINGTON TIMES: House Republicans eye historic wins in South Texas

By Susan Ferrechio IRVING, Texas — South Texas has never elected a Republican to serve in the U.S. House, but the party’s losing streak may end in November. Republicans have a shot at winning up to three seats in South Texas, where Democrats have been losing ground with Hispanic voters for the past two election…