Memorandum on Rep. Stefanik’s Efforts to Elect GOP Women

To: Interested Parties

From: Alex Degrasse, Senior Advisor

Date: July 22, 2020

RE: Stefanik, donated, raised, or bundled 750k to date for GOP Women


Congresswoman Stefanik is consistently one of the Republican Party’s top fundraisers. This cycle, she has coupled her strong leadership with WinRed’s impressive fundraising infrastructure to be a leading fundraiser and surrogate for many of the top Republican candidates across the country. 

In particular, her efforts to recruit and boost Republican women have already shown significant dividends: a record number of GOP women have both run in and won competitive House primaries this year.

This cycle, Congresswoman Stefanik has:

  • Raised over $200,000 for other Republican women through digital efforts within the last two months alone.
  • Donated over $450,000 to female candidates and committees that are supporting them.
  • Bundled an additional $100,000 for female candidates.
  • Pioneered the use of WinRed’s cutting-edge fundraising technology to help national Republican candidates compete with ActBlue, the Democrats’ powerhouse fundraising tool.
  • Led the effort for Republican candidates to use WinRed synergistically to benefit other candidates and the party as a whole.
  • Worked to dramatically increase awareness of GOP women running for Congress nationwide within a short window of time.

To date, of the 21 E-PAC endorsed candidates who have had their primaries, 19 of them have won. This comes out to over a 90% primary success rate among E-PAC candidates.


In just two short months, E-PAC’s fundraising efforts have raised over $200,000 in total online this cycle, including $94,000 raised directly to GOP women running in competitive races across the country.

Of the total raised through E-PAC’s WinRed fundraising, approximately $150,000 came from fundraising emails written and facilitated by E-PAC. Over the span of two months, the E-PAC team strategically sent emails focusing on candidates in similar geographic areas. E-PAC then sent subsequent follow up emails reminding donors of approaching primary deadlines and updating donors on key primary victories.

The other approximately $50,000 raised came from social media, the E-PAC website, and shared WinRed links. Congresswoman Stefanik’s significant and growing social media following has substantially impacted fundraising and awareness of these major races in just two months.

Of the total raised directly for other candidates, over $10,000 came from Conduit Panel Upsells on WinRed. This included 350 separate conduit upsell conversions to other candidates from E-PAC pages, highlighting just how effective this tool can be. 

The E-PAC Conduit Panel Upsell, which gives donors the option to donate to other E-PAC candidates after donating directly to E-PAC or to a particular E-PAC/Candidate split, has been shown 6,284 times and was accepted 375 times. 


In addition to her efforts directly through E-PAC, Congresswoman Stefanik has utilized the power of her own campaign fundraising operation to benefit strong Republican women running for both the House and Senate this year. 

Through upsells from the Elise for Congress WinRed page, Elise has raised more than $50,000 for other female Republican candidates this year. This includes $42,100 through WinRed’s Conduit Panel Upsells.

Recently, Elise for Congress has also seen great success utilizing WinRed’s storefront integration, which has advanced the quality and quantity of our upsells to other GOP candidates.


In total, Congresswoman Stefanik has donated, raised or bundled over $750,000 for other Republican women. The net effect of her growing national profile has helped propel the Republican Party’s recruitment and support for GOP women candidates positioned to win in November. As other candidates follow Elise’s lead and use our model to maximize the benefits of WinRed as a fundraising platform, the Republican Party will be able to combat and surpass ActBlue’s capability and efficacy.

This year, E-PAC hopes to:

  • Raise, bundle and donate over $1 million to Republican women
  • Increase the net number of Republican women Members in the U.S. House by the end of the 2020 cycle
  • Continue to help GOP women dominate national fundraising across the board
  • Lead the Republican Party’s effort to gain back House seats with E-PAC endorsed candidates