OAN: Report: GOP Betting Big On Women Candidates To Win Back House Majority After Historic Turnout In 2020

By OAN Newsroom

August 7, 2021

A new report suggested the GOP is looking for women candidates to help take back the House in 2022. According to a report on Friday, 155 women are already filing to run for Congress as a Republican.

“There are several roads to taking back the House, but I think one road contains a lot of Republican women on it,” said Rep. Young Kim (Calif.). “Without a doubt, getting more GOP women elected to join the Republican conference is critically important.” Kim is one of the women looking to help take back the House along with Michelle Steel (Calif.), who both unseated Democrats to win.

Analysts said this could build off of momentum of the 2020 elections, where GOP women flipped 11 out of 15 seats last year. “The party sees a recipe for electoral success and is now doubling down on that same strategy in the battle for the House next year,” noted the report.

Republican operatives have reportedly set their sights on at least six races so far. Meanwhile, the GOP only needs to flip five seats in order to gain a majority in the House.

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