SUN COMMUNITY NEWS: Stefanik, seeking to confront GOP’s gender gap, readies leadership initiative

By: Pete Demola, Sun Community News

WASHINGTON, D.C. | House Democrats welcomed the most diverse freshman class in history last week, including the first Native American and Muslim American women.

But Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) watched the pomp and circumstance from the sidelines.

While she recruited more than 100 women candidates to run in the midterms, just one emerged victorious.

By the now, the numbers are well-known: House Republicans took a shellacking, losing 40 seats and handing their majority to Democrats.

Female membership in the GOP House Caucus plunged from 23 to 13.

Following the bruising losses, Stefanik pushed Republicans to engage in a post-mortem analysis of what went wrong.

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