TOWNHALL: GOP Women Dominate Tuesday’s Congressional Primaries

Written by Reagan McCarthy for Townhall on June 3, 2020

Republicans nominated an influx of women to run in competitive congressional districts during Tuesday’s primaries. To date, 36 GOP women have emerged victorious from congressional primaries, with only 50 percent of primaries having taken place. The current record for Republican female candidates is 53, set in 2004; the GOP could very well surpass that this cycle.

Five GOP women won their primaries for battleground congressional districts on Tuesday night in Indiana, Iowa, New Mexico and Pennsylvania.

Nominating strong, female candidates has grown into a priority for Republicans who are serious about shifting the image of the GOP. The original effort was spearheaded by Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY), who recognized the deficit of GOP women in Congress after the 2018 midterms; Rep. Stefanik founded EPAC to elevate and empower Republican women to run for office. Outside groups, including Winning for Women, formed to bolster Rep. Stefanik’s recruiting efforts. 

The effort to recruit more qualified Republican women to run for office is long overdue. Republican women represent a key fabric of the party and deserve a voice at the table.

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