NEWSMAX: Stefanik PAC Endorses Palin, 3 Other Women

By Charlie McCarthy

House Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., announced Monday that her political action committee had endorsement four more congressional women candidates, including former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Stefanik made the announcement via her Elevate PAC, which focuses on increasing the number of Republican women in Congress.

The other candidates endorsed Monday by Stefanik’s PAC included Catalina Lauf, R-Ill., Jennifer-Ruth Green, R-Ind., and Carolina Serrano, R-Nev.

“I’m thrilled to endorse four more Rising Star GOP women to Congress,” Stefanik said in a statement. “We have a record-breaking nearly 300 GOP women running this cycle, and that is not an accident– these women are stepping up, and they’re fired up like never before because they know that the future of our country is on the line.

“These women are all American First champions who bring something new and necessary to the table. I couldn’t be prouder that E-PAC endorsed GOP women come from all different walks of life and have built their careers shattering glass ceilings.”

Palin, who joined former Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., on the 2008 Republican national ticket, is running to replace the late Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Palin, saying she was “a true America First Fighter” and “a champion for Alaska values, Alaska energy, Alaska jobs, and the great people of Alaska,” in a statement.

“Sarah shocked many when she endorsed me very early in 2016, and we won big,” Trump said. “Now, it’s my turn!”

Stefanik’s E-PAC now has endorsed has 22 women running in the upcoming election cycle.

The PAC is 3-for-3 in primaries, following victories by Monica De La Cruz, R-Texas, Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, R-Ohio and Erin Houchin, R-Ind.

E-PAC has raised and donated more than $700,000 to 2022 Republican female candidates thus far.

Stefanik last year replaced Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., as House GOP chair. Cheney was one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach former President Donald Trump following the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and turned off many conference colleagues by continuing to deploy her repeated verbal attacks aimed at Trump and supporters who question the integrity of the 2020 election.